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Now, for more best car-sex positions-try these:

Now, for more best car-sex positions-try these:

Assuming you’re not pulling over for a car romp in broad daylight (if you are, you animal!), bring a flashlight-or use the built-in light on your phone-to illuminate your tight space a bit, suggests Brito. Not only does this add “mood lighting,” you’ll also help prevent the annoying elbow whack on the car door.

If you prefer the illicit feeling of being in total darkness, go for it. Just be mindful of vulnerable body parts as you move around.

And don’t forget the radio. Throw on a station you both will like, whether it’s some smooth jazz, or some rave music to really get your rhythm going.

5. Stay cool.

Back to Jack and Rose for a sec. While the sweatiness of their car-sex moment will go on (and ONNNN) as one of the hottest sex scenes in movie history, IRL, you can have insanely intense intercourse without getting that gross.

Turn on the AC (but keep the emergency brake on, ALWAYS), or stick to cooler evenings so you can drive around with the windows down for a few before parking.

6. Take advantage of a sunroof.

On that whole “stay cool” note: If you have a sunroof, don’t forget to use it! Not only does this allow ample air flow, says Babeland cofounder Claire Cavanah, an open roof also creates a bit more vertical space for seated sex positions (more on those in a sec). Just do everyone a favor and keep your voices/groans to a neighborly level.

7. Experiment in different spots.

You’ve probably tried reclining the driver or passenger seat, then climbing onto your partner. So hop into the backseat together, where you’ll have

more space to get frisky. Either way, don’t fight the close quarters-embrace them as a way to feel physically and emotionally closer to your person.